Sep 1st, 2007
Good morning everybody.
QUESTION: What's the BEST thing to do when you have a website? ....Anyone?... ANSWER: Work really hard to launch it... and then, NEVER, EVER update it.   Wha?... That's how I do it... Wha?... That's not what you're supposed to do?!... ]]] So, After many weeks of running around like a healdless chicken, here it is.... The long awaited (drum rrrrroll...)  SEPTEMBER UPDATE

OXBOW.   Oxbow.   Oxbow.   I DO have to take a breather after every time I mention this band's name. Why? Cuz they are INTEEEEENSE ! These are other Bay Area legends that also make beautifully beautiful and uuugly as hell ugly music. Talk about a band that is simply put ... ALIVE. Here's a couple of quotes I found that might help paint the picture on these guys: "Designed to be the last aural will and testament of failed humanity, Oxbow actually garnered listeners from among the ranks of the fucked..." " The quiet kill off the country road, the time before the time when everything went wrong, and the last 16 hours of that great love affair - these are the seminal beginnings of Oxbow".  Oxbow.     Damn. I had the immense pleasure of participating on their last album THE NARCOTIC STORY. If you don't know them, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check them out. If you DO know them.... I'm sure I don't have to say.... anything. You get it and you have stopped reading this to buy the album and see where they are playing next. 
We spent about a week at The Plant studios in Sausalito tracking the rhythm section with producer extraordinaire Joe Chicarelli. Wow. It was so great to be a part of the making of music that is done for the music's sake, expression..... Art !!! YES !!! So enough blabber..... go to them now, please: And if you dare, you can listen to THE NARCOTIC STORY, here:
p.s. (Gratitude plug) Eugene Robinson, singer for Oxbow (pause...) wrote my Bio. You can find here at SiameseSchool. Thank you Mr. Robinson.