Oct 1st, 2007
    My good friend and mega-magnifico producer Alan Abrahmas (Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson, Hall & Oates !) invited me to record and mix the very first release on his very own label, DoRite Records. The artist?... TATA VEGA (she was the singer on theme song for that little Steven Spielberg movie you might of heard of... THE COLOUR PURPLE... does it ring a... Gong?!). Double Wow. The album is a Gospel-Packed-Musical-Goodness Bomb! We did the main tracks at The Village Studios in L.A. and Alan got the best-est players to lend their talents to the party (Pardon me, but I just HAVE GOT to drop the names.... It was SO good, such an honor and so much fun!), Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laboriel, Andrea Crouch, Bobby Sparks and list keeps going and going... An amazing experience and a killer album it is. The finishing touches are been applied to it as I type and it will very soon, be released. Thank you, thanks and thanx again to Alan and Margaret Abrahams, Tim and Jenny Kimber from Dorite and Tata for been such a big inspiration. TA-LEN-TED and the biggest hearts around...