Oct 16th, 2007
Oh man...... where to start ?!!!
As most of you might know L'aura is a very dear friend and an amazing Italian singer/songwriter/artist/piano player/performer/people-person. We worked together on what became her first album for Sony Italy (Okumuki) and we JUST wrapped up her sophomore effort, DEMIAN. 
HOLLY  $&!t , IS IT AN AMAZING ALBUM !!! 13 power packed songs that will make you laugh, cry, dance, mosh, hug somebody, punch mean people and straight up.... FEEL ALIVE !!!   It took us 3 months to make this baby (produced, engineered, mixed by yours truly...), and we put our blood, sweat and crocodile tears into making it.
The album came out just 5 days ago, and it's getting great, great reviews. The first single off the album "NON E UNA FAVOLA" is already #20 in the Italian single charts. ( Yeah, yeah, yeah.... )
Please check out this COOL VIDEO !!!
Please, go to HER SITE and take the tour!
AND, Please SUPPORT this amazing artist. If you dig... buy this album !!! 
To all the people that worked with me in making this album.    THANK YOU.     The musicians, the studios, everybody at Sony Italy, Mr.P. Visco, Icarus Andreus, and...... L'aura.  Thank you for writing such amazing music and letting peeps know there's still some  true beauty and inspiration out there (did I ever tell you I had to stop the mix session for Demian, cuz I couldn't see the console, I was crying so hard?... Damn, now THAT is what I call being moved by your work. How amazing is that?!   Just let me be! I'm trying to work here! ...and get to the end of the mix without loosing my $&!% completely!!!...)