Dec 1st, 2007
Aaaaah yeah ...
       Here's what we've ALL been waiting for... the much anticipated, never equalled and always hot. Hot. HOOOT Holiday Update Edition of...  ......!!!! SIAMESE SCHOOL !!!!.........
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Now, now... Everybody keep your cool. Please control yourselves so we can move on and get on to Business... (if you become impatient reading the blah-blah-blabber, feel free to scroll down to the links... this one might be kinda long for some of you...)
I have the immense honor to finally announce the release of NIN's remix album "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D". It features 14 kickass remixes by the likes of Bill Laswell, Ladytron, The Faint and Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert from New Order... just to name a few! One of those remix bombs drops on track Number 12:  

"Another Version of the Truth" [ Kronos Quartet & Enrique Gonzalez Muller ].   Aaaaah yeah ...
Trent Reznor asked the Kronos to remix A.V.O.T.T. for NIN's upcoming album, and they in turn commisioned the string arrangement, production and mixing duties to... Yours Truly.  At the time I accepted the task I was in the middle mixing an album and was worried I was going to spread myself too thin and not do the music its due justice... it was going to be too much of a stretch. I immediately called David Harrington from the Kronos and explained my situation, to which he replied "Enrique... if it's NOT a stretch... it's NOT worth doing". His response took me aback and after thinking about it for a second I replied:  "WOW David... you're... RIGHT !!!"  So, I hung up the phone and energized with tremendous amounts of inspiration, I put my serious string arranger hat on, I hit play on the CD and started listening to the NIN's track with stern producer ears. The arrangement was maliciously written to highlight and expand on the Kronos' unique vision and genius. I wanted all the elements and emotions that remained stuck in my mind would be pushed, magnified and blown up to their extremes. Turn the ugly and haunting into grotesque and wildly possessed; and make the pretty and soft into gorgeous and elated.
The process was very interesting and a bit unorthodox (to say the least...) as I had to write the arrangement, explain the concept for the piece and go over the musical score with every individual member of the quartet... over the phone (talk about 20th century rehearsals! ). After that we all met in L.A. for a day... Et Voila ! We recorded all the separate parts of this String kaleidoscope in about 3 hours. Yes.... the Kronos is one AMAZING and UNREAL STRING QUARTET. 
        I'm very, very proud of how the piece turned out. And I'm very excited to hear the whole album turned out to be an amazing, eclectic, and very, very inspired compilation of different views on NIN's Year Zero...
Well.... Enough blabber !!! ..... Now, PLEASE, go and listen to it.... GO !
You can strut down to your favorite CD store and purchase it there, or you can also pick it up here:  Or... you can stream it for free at the Kronos' official website: (the player is at the top-left corner of the page...)
         .Sit back. Put your headphones on. 
         .Crank the volume to E-L-E-V-E-N.