Jan 24th, 2013
Ok, I'll admit it... I have a soft spot for BERKLEE. Aside from being my alma mater [ which might admittedly make me a weeee bit biased ] it's an incredible music institution at the cutting edge of music, teaching, technology and music industry integration with an amazing faculty, kickass installations and really talented students. So, how do I know this?... I was just there ! I spent a week talking to the students, listening to their projects, sharing stories, reconnecting with the faculty and giving back to a place that gave me SO much in my early formative years. Major compliments to Mitch Benoff, Dan Thompson, Rob Jaczko, Carl Beatty, Susan Rogers, Stephen Croes, Neil Leonard, Prince Charles, Jeff Largent, Stephen Webber, Richard Mendelson et all for keeping the highest of educational and music standards with an eye into the future. p.s. If you are reading this and are the parent of a music loving kid.... SEND THEM THERE WITHOUT HESITATION [ I know... the winter IS brutally cold and the summer is blistering hot, but what they will gain is extremely unique and well worth the blood, sweat and long johns ! ]

Until the next edition of the news...
The goods to ALL !