Jan 25th, 2013
WCS turned 30 this year…. Yes, 30. 30 years of community building for songwriters. How about them apples?! :) I got an invite from Ian and Joanie Crombie to come down to their yearly conference and put together a workshop for their members. Me? Teaching? Music / Technology stuff to songwriters? I AM SO IN !!! "Trimmimng Off the (Song) Fat" was the given name to the WCS custom-made workshop and it introduced songwriters to the dark inner workings of the producer mind, what it looks for in a song (regardless of the genre) and how all of this relates and can be used to improve their tunes. Intent, Structure, Order, Length, Musical Content and Dynamics were covered and discussed. Hours of song construction analysis, hands-on before-and-after examples, emotion through performance, emotion through musical arrangement, sweat, blood and tears were shed. Good stuff. The workshop got great reception and I loved interacting with so many songwriters so devoted and invested in the improvement of their craft. Thank you WCS for 30 years of being awesome and nurturing the development and the advancement of excellent songwriting. Click HERE for their website and, if you are curious, HERE, HERE and HERE for a video series of the workshop (gratitude to John Williams for putting that together!) and... don't laugh, I didn't know I was being taped :)