Jan 25th, 2013
LOUIS is a silent film that follows a pre-teen Louis Armstrong wandering around New Orleans, discovering jazz and getting into all sorts of trouble. It stars the likes of Jackie Earle Haley and Anthony Mackie highlighted by a riveting jazz score performed by Wynton Marsalis and classical pianist virtuoso Cecile Licad. The punchline is... this film will be touring with the entire score performed live by these two musical giants plus a 10-piece jazz ensemble!!! This is an experience that is sure to blow your socks off to the opposite end of the laundromat. I was brought in to help translate the film score into a live performance by extracting tempo cues from the prerecorded music so that the orchestra director could in turn conduct the musicians. Brain boggling stuff. Tons of score reading, very complex tempo/meter changes... The movie is gorgeous. Really. Please, I implore you, take a look at THIS TRAILER and tell me if that's not a beautiful looking movie?! Click HERE for the official website and if you are in the area, do not let the opportunity to witness this performance pass you by.