Jan 25th, 2013
Venezuelan indie rockers VINILOVERSUS released their second album "Si No Nos Mata"... and I had an amazing time mixing it! I cannot say enough good things about these guys... they are hailed by the media as "the new revelation of Venezuelan rock" and I couldn't agree more. They are fierce, they are gritty, they are hooky, they are R-A-W and they are out to get your daughters. Watch out. In their brief career these guys have been featured in Rolling Stone numerous times, toured Europe, played SXSW, opened up for Nine Inch Nails and list goes on and on... For your listening pleasure you can stream their entire new album HERE, make sure to catch their new video for the song Amnecia Invocada (one of my favorites!) HERE and go to THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE for additional links and rockin' goodies.

Whew... WE MADE IT! Thank you for sharing, caring, checking in and reading this far. There are some very exciting new projects coming down the pipeline... More cinematic adventures, music electro-romance (Wha? Oh yes...) and even a little interweb hi-tech programming. But those are top secret and they will have to wait until the next installment of the SiameseSchool News. Until then... Goodness to you all, Enrique.