Jan 25th, 2013
Not too long ago I got a call from my friend [ and recently inducted Metallica Hall-of-Famer ] Jason Newsted with a very tall order... to do overdubs and mix what could be the final Voivod album, INFINI [ For some of you who don't know, Voivod is a Canadian band that has been at the forefront of ground-breaking metal since 1982 Also... they were also my heroes when I was 15! For a full bio click HERE ]. I first met the band in 2003 during the recording of their self-titled album and became very close to Piggy their guitar player and main songwriter. Sadly about 4 years ago, Piggy passed away from colon cancer but left behind 20+ complete songs recorded on his laptop. The first half of that batch came out in 2006 as the album KATORZ and INFINI is the last of the surviving tracks from Piggy's computer. INFINI was released on June 23rd and I have to say I've never had so many different feelings come up when I listen to music I've collaborated on. All at once I feel very proud of the album we made, extremely excited that it's finally out for the whole world to bang their heads to, sad to know that this is the last music that Piggy ever wrote and honored I collaborated with such talented musicians, exceptional human beings and... my heroes. Working on this album was very special and sometimes emotionally overwhelming... much respect and gratitude goes out to Jason for making this album happen, keeping the troops focused and sane and for being one of the most driven, talented, truest, down-to-earth, inspiring and 110% there-in-service-of-the-music-for-all-the-RIGHT-reasons people I've ever had the fortune to work with.

You can check out a stream of INFINI in its entirety HERE , Voivod's Myspace page by clicking HERE and pix from the mixing session in the PHOTO PAGE.