Jan 25th, 2013
Jasmine Morand, my dear friend and head choreographer for the Swiss dance company PROTOTYPE STATUS just invited me to write the music for their newest piece "Caso & Caos". We spent 10 very intense and creatively rich days in Zurich and Vevey, Switzerland creating the score and choreography for the piece. The result came out to be a very rich, sensorial and cinematic musical trip that goes from zen minimalism to blistering industrial mosh pit pandemonium. Good stuff. I must confess, sometimes it feels very liberating to write music that is not bound by Pop/3:30 minute/verse/mandatory-hooky-chorus/radio friendly parameters (just like MARVIN a piece in which we collaborated some years ago). Ahhh... If you can set aside 15 minutes of your time, I invite you to get a pair of headphones, go to my Music Page, click on the track "Zen & Deterioration", close your eyes and take a trip. Thanks to Jasmine for the invitation and for being a fearless creative soul.