Jan 25th, 2013
The 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT is a world wide film festival where all that participate get 48 hours to write, shoot, score and edit a short movie... from scratch! Every team is handed the movie genre, a prop, a dialogue line and the name of a character the moment the clock starts counting down so there's absolutely no way to prep for (ie. cheat) it. I was invited by my good friend Diamond D to join the San Francisco team TEN THOUSAND EYEBALLS as part of the music team and what-do-you-know... our genre turned out to be MUSICAL ! We locked ourselves into FANTASY STUDIOS in Berkeley, CA and came out with HAT THE MUSICAL made up of 5 really quirky and funny tracks that still make me die laughing every time I listen to them. The movie went on to win 3rd place out of the 70+ teams in San Francisco and won the top award for BEST MUSICAL SCORE ! Major compliments to all the crew, actors and Diamond D, Scott Steiner and Chris Steele-Nicholson (my fellow music accomplices) for doing such a colossal job in just 2 days. So go make some popcorn, dim the lights, sit back and check out the movie by clicking HERE !