Jan 25th, 2013
In November and December of last year I was invited to Italy to teach two Music Production & Engineering Workshops and the experience was amazing. Both workshops were held in the beautiful city of Vicenza were I spent weeks teaching students my take on song pre-production, musical arrangements, protocol and interaction with bands and record labels, rehearsing and preparing for the studio, coaching and getting killer performances, advanced recording techniques, post-production and mixing secrets. Both workshops were very hands-on and taught through the actual recording of two fabulous bands that let me use them as live examples. Thank you to SABRINA TURRI and LYMPH for sharing your music and joining me on this adventure. Thank you GREENVILLAS Recording studios and DDS Studios for opening your doors to me and all that attended and finally, hats-off to all the students who made this experience so amazing and unforgettable. The inspiration and reward that comes from teaching definitely HAS NO EQUAL.
Please check my PHOTO page for some candid snapshots and check back in soon to hear the bomb tracks we recorded !