Feb 22nd, 2013

Oh yes... I'm back again to the land of excellent coffee, delicious cuisine and... music workshops!

I'll be teaching a number of intimate workshops on "Making Songwriters think like Music Producers and vice versa". Here's an excerpt of the spiffy official description:

"Grammy Award winning producer / engineer Enrique Gonzalez Muller (Nine Inch Nails, Tina Turner, Dave Matthews Band, Wynton Marsalis, Elisa, L'Aura, Berklee College of Music Guest Lecturer, etc...) will give you insight into his own personal songwriting and production techniques, applicable to any style, that will help you maximize the impact and memorability of your songs. In this workshop elements of Structure, Length, Musical Content, Dynamics and many more will be explored and analyzed using real life songs in their "never heard before demo state - to their final production". Students will learn to start thinking as record producers and will in turn put these skills to use to improve their craft and power of musical analysis which will ultimately lead them to harnessing and maximizing their unique songwriting talents."

Here are the dates:
- ROME: July 11, 12 & 13 (Facebook)
- VICENZA: July 15, 16 & 17 (Contact Me @ for details...)
- PADOVA: July 23 & 24 (Facebook)
- TRAPANI (Sicily): July 30 & 31 (Facebook)

Many, many thank yous and big hugs to Chiarastella (Rome / Scuola Controchiave) Jean Charles Carbone, Luca Dal Lago and Nick Savio (Vicenza / Abnegat Records & Remaster studios ), Mauro Santinello (Padova / True Colours Studio) and Rino Marchese (Trapani / Rinosky Music) for all of their tireless help and work. If you happen to be in Italy or know of anybody around these cities who may be interested... spread the word! (Here are pictures of the PROMO FLYERS) And feel free to contact me at with any questions... A presto !