Feb 22nd, 2013

I'd like to dim the lights just a bit and close this edition of the SiameseSchool news on a more sober note. Underground film legend, my film teacher, big inspiration and dear friend George Kuchar passed away this past September 6th. For those of us that new George, well... I'm sure I don't have to say much. But for those of you who might not know who George Kuchar was, well... he was THE MAN. One of the most common adjectives used to describe George is probably, UNIQUE. And unique he sure was. In my humble opinion a one-of-a-kind man, a gentle soul, a courageous crusader, an enlightened human being, a huge inspiration and a pure, true artist. I met George at a screening for the film IT CAME FROM KUCHAR a documentary about him and his brother Mike back in 2009.

Watching the doc I noticed he taught film very close to where I live so I gathered my courage, walked up to him and asked if I needed to be a film major in order to take his class. He smiled and answered "we meet every friday at 1pm in Studio 8... just show up!". And I did. I took 3 very educational, fun, weird and inspiring semesters with the myth who would quickly become my friend and one of the biggest sources of inspiration in recent memory. George I miss you! Thank you for showing us how to believe in what we do, to rip our chests open and put our souls into our work and to always stay young and hungry. Hope you are making the most awesomest, outrageous and fun movies wherever you are... And if you are curious to take a peek into George's virtual brain, here's a cool interview by VICE Magazine. Enjoy.

Wow. You survived this edition of the SiameseSchool news. THANK YOU for reading this far! And.... wait... are you sleeping back there?! :) I hope your 2011 wraps up with a b-b-bang and my b-b-best-est vibes to all of you for a double-whopping-triple-helping of awesomeness in 2012... HUGE things are afoot. I can f-f-feel it... E.