Jul 10th, 2013

    Oh yes.... bring down the thunderous hammer of stoner rock. My dear friend, heavy metal noble and high-source-of-inspiration-for-the-rock-multitudes Jason Newsted brought his 15-year-old side project Papa Wheelie out to the hungry masses.  

    5 shows in 5 weeks playing free shows and opening slots for bands new and old (Anvil! Kyuss!). I had the pleasure of joining this touring juggernaut and capture the historic event in hi-fi multitracked glory. The ROUGH MIXING already sound like a squeallion bucks and to tease you with what's to come check out THIS VISUAL ANVIL TO THE HEADPIECE. One of the shows will be released in all of its punk rock, live, loud and crushing majesty very soon (the word is late January). Check out some PHOTO EVIDENCE and PAPA WHEELIE's WEBSITE for the latest updates. Long Live Lord Wheelor.