LINDEE HOSHIKAWA - Producing, Arranging... and Playing!
Mar 21st, 2015
I had the honor of producing, arranging and playing guitar (!) on the very killer "Mother Miriam" from Japanese / American chanteuse Lindee Hoshikawa. We spent weeks holed up in the hills of Seattle (...and how frikkin' awesome is that town?!!), whittling away at these songs until they felt 110% ready to come down from the hills and run for your playlists. Check it oot:

Mighty props to Lindee for killing it all around with songs and good vibes to boot, to Brandon Busch for engineering his @$$ off (and making me work harder) and Enrico Santangelo for resisting the urge to strangle me while I asked him to play the most improbable beats a drummer shouldn't play :)
Arigato Gozaimasuuuuu!!!